Focus Tuition Assistance Programme Details

  1. Application Starts from 2nd September 2013 for 2013 & 2014 Classes.
  2. FTAP Lesson Prices for Selected Secondary Subjects (Sec 1-4) will be charged at $15/lesson ($60 for 4 lessons) and Selected Junior College Subjects (JC1-JC2) will be charged at $30/lesson only ($120 for 4 lessons).
  3. Lessons will start from 12th September 2013 onwards for 2013 classes. Total 8-12 lessons (twice a week for 2013).
  4. Family with Gross Monthly Household Income (MHI) not exceeding $3,000 or Monthly Per Capita income (PCI) not exceeding $800 is eligible for the Focus Tuition Assistance Programme.
  5. Students who are under the following schemes are also eligible
    • MOE’s Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) 
    • CDAC Student Assistance Scheme


Student Admission Criteria for this Focus Tuition Assistance Programme (FTAP)

  1. Student must be a full-time student attending a Government School, Government Aided School, Autonomous School, Independent School, Junior College (JC), or Centralised Institute (CI) in Singapore.
  2. Students whose current year official school results (Mid Year, Prelims) are below b4 (less than 60)


Documents Required (where applicable):

  1. Student’s Birth Certificate (BC)/ NRIC/ Certificate of Singapore Citizenship
  2. Income Documents of Parents/Guardian & Family members living at the same address:
    • For working family members : CPF Contribution History for the past 6 months and latest payslip (within 3 months from the date of application) or employment letter (before CPF contribution, including allowances, maintenance fee and overtime pay)
    • For housewife, self-employed person, part-time worker, odd-job worker, one who is employed but without payslip, retiree or unemployed person: CPF Contribution History for the past 6 months and complete the Declaration of Income Status Application Form. The self-employed person must submit the latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA).
    • Death Certificate, Decree Nisi (with details on custody and maintenance), Copy of Prison Visit card/ Notice of Admission from Singapore Prison Service, Medical Documents and Letter of Retrenchment/ Termination, where applicable.
  3. Student’s Result Slip
    • Student’s latest official school’s academic result slip. PSLE, GCE ‘N’/ ‘O’ Level examination


Terms & Conditions

  1. All Applications will be considered but eligibility does not guarantee the student will be allowed the special rate for the Focus Tuition Assistance Programme.
  2. Each Student is allowed only to register for a Maximum of 2 Subjects under FTAP.
  3. Focus Learning Lab reserves the right to
    • Reject application which does not meet the basic eligibility criteria or is incomplete
    • Request for additional supporting documents
    • Demand for a full refund/void disbursement (chargeable at normal lesson rates) if the information provided by applicant is found to be untrue. 
    • Grant approval to most deserving applicants. The decision shall be final and no enquiry of the outcome will be entertained. 


Do feel free to call us at 64560355 or visit us for more details of FTAP and how it can help your family.

For Focus Tuition Assistance Programme (FTAP) Class Schedules for 2013 & 2014, Please check out our Class Schedules here.

*Subject to Class Schedule Availability