Proven Teaching Methods




Our training methods have been developed and horned throughout our many years of teaching. Focus Intensive Methods came about when our Focus Teachers realize that achieving good results not only requires a student to be adequately taught but mentally, it requires the student to be strong as well.



Early in our teaching days, we found out that many a times, student’s break down and black out during exams despite being well prepared academically. Our Focus Teachers are domain experts in their own subject matter but it somehow seems subject knowledge is just one part of getting good results. Mental Strength, Interaction, Understanding Content and Effective Time Management all play a part as well. After careful planning, testing, evaluation and data gathering, the year 2010 is where 5 Focus Intensive Methods (5FIMs) took off.     



Our 5 Focus Intensive Methods (5FIMs) will be used to help your child maximize the effectiveness of their tuition time at Focus Learning Lab :

  • Exam Preparation & Practices
    Ensure that students are well prepared for every test/exams. Train students to finish exams on time using effective time planning methodology.
  • Effective Targeting
    Targeting of Exams contents/questions is crucial. This would help students reduce the amount of time spent on studying and revision. Just Focus on the most important points.
  • Exam Stress Management
    Students who are stressed up and not in the correct mindset will probably not do well in their exams. At Focus Learning Lab, we train students to handle the pressure and ensure they do not burn out before or during exams.
  • Exclusive Content
    We prepare our own Notes/ Contents for our students. The notes are written by our experienced teachers who have been teaching for more than 10 years. Your child only need to Focus on the most important key points to score well.
  • Ensuring Understanding
    Our teachers will go the extra mile to ensure that your child understand the syllabus and Focus on important contents. We want your Child to gain the most out of each lesson with complete understanding on every topic.



The 5 Focus Intensive Methods (5FIMs) developed by our founders in the year 2010 have seen dramatic improvements to student results backed by our statistics. Data gathered shows that the introduction of 5FIMs in our teaching methods from year 2010 effectively increases the number of students showing improvement between 2 to 4 Grades. We have found the perfect formula to help students achieve results that are aligned with their parents' expectations!



Student Improvement Percentage

By 2 Grades

By 3 Grades

By 4 Grades

Year 2010




Year 2011




Year 2012






Our teachers aspire to help all our students improve their grades using 5FIMs; your child could be one of them. Look no further; let us help your child achieve better results!